Objective and Goals

Our primary objective is to service Advertising and Creative agencies helping them to craft and execute on their creative visions. We primarily work collaboratively with design, marketing and advertising agencies as well as growing and startup businesses.

At the Didier | Creative, our primary focus is to  Identify, Design and Create the visual language for Brand Identity.


Conceptual Photography

A properly narrated and connoted conceptual photograph has the unique ability to bring a story or article to life. Quite simply, conceptual photography ensures that an image reaches its full potential.

Optical Illustrations

“Optical illustrators have embraced a new medium of design and visual communication that combines digital technology with the artistic tradition of the trained fine artist by fusing the craftsmanship of individually stylized art with the consumer marketability of design. With Optical Illustration the potential for the image is only limited by imagination.”    -  CT Didier

Optical illustration is representative of the evolution of conceptual photography. It embraces a new process of creating photorealistic illustrations by connecting images and objects that would otherwise be impossible to juxtapose. Optical illustration has enabled the conceptual photographer to become more surreal, imaginative, expressive and marketable.

Over several years we have serviced hundreds of businesses and people. Some of our past and present clients include, Warner Music Canada, Harper Collins, Pyramid Productions, Avenue Magazine, Parlour Magazine, Nuvo Magazine, Parlourlife Magazines, Oil and Gas Magazine, Western Living, Xerox, Aspen Medical, BMW, Nissan, Dilwari Automotive Group, Subway and Cirque Du Soleil.