• Identify.


    The Purpose of Identity Development is to strategically define, develop and influence the operation of the “brand” in all it’s communication and to ensure a consistent brand image.

    Identity development ultimately defines the persona or presence to project which embody the  organizations values and beliefs. There fore how the identity is delivered must be consistent, authentic and memorable.


  • Design.


    When the identity is firmly established, we can begin designing the Visual Identity. The Visual Identity is the conceptual interpretation of the Brand Identity. In other words, it is a visual narrative of a “Brand” identity and Purpose. Your identity defines who you are, but it also reflects how your audience perceives you. Well informed design re-enforces the image of your identity creating a cohesive, relevant visual language dialect unique to who you are.

  • Create.


    The creation stage is very straight forward, This is the phase in your projects cycle where the New Brand Identity and Supporting Infrastructure are built, launched and marketed. Whether it be digital, print or an interactive experience, our production specialists and consultants will ensure your identity is represented in a way that not only reflects but up-levels your brand persona.

  • Conceptual Photography.

    Conceptual Photography.

    Editorial Photography makes up a large portion of our body of work, and there is one thing we know for sure, a properly narrated and connoted conceptual photograph has the unique ability to bring a story or article to life. Quite simply, conceptual photography ensures that an image reaches its full potential.

  • Optical Illustration.

    Optical Illustration.

    Optical illustration is representative of the evolution of conceptual photography. It embraces a new process of creating photorealistic illustrations by connecting images and objects that would otherwise be impossible to juxtapose. Optical illustration has enabled the conceptual photographer to become more surreal, imaginative, expressive and marketable.

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